Since August 2022, I am a Research Fellow at the Flatiron Institute, Center for Computational Mathematics. My primary affiliation is with the Computational Statistics group. I’m also part of the institute’s greater research effort in Machine Learning.

I was borned and raised in Paris, France. My high-school degree was in Science, with a specialty in Mathematics.

I then moved to the U.S and studied Physics at Yale University. I did research in Astronomy with the exoplanet group, under the supervision of professor Debra Fischer and Dr. Ji Wang.

After graduating, I joined Metrum Research Group, a biomedical lab that specializes in modeling and simulation. There, I completed a one-year Pharmacometrics bootcamp in Hartford, CT, and continued as a visiting scientist for another year, in Boston, MA. I worked closely with Bill Gillespie on the mathematical modeling of biomedical processes, with an emphasis on Bayesian inference and its computational implementations.

In August 2017, I started a PhD in Statistics at Columbia University. April 2022, I defended my PhD thesis. My advisor was professor Andrew Gelman.


As an undergraduate, I was a member of Just Add Water, a comedy group that does short form and musical improvisation. In Hartford, I co-founded the Albatross, which still plays at the Sea Tea theater. I have not been improvising on a regular basis lately, but I attend the occasional jam.

Other than that, I sometimes draw cartoons and I’m always down for a pick-up soccer game. I do ballroom dancing with some wonderful people at Columbia University and in New York.